What Are The Prime Distinctions Between Autodesk Docs And Bim 360 Docs

What Are The Prime Distinctions Between Autodesk Docs And Bim 360 Docs

Construction and design businesses are seeing increasing complexity in project delivery over the past few years. As firms gear up to embrace digital transformation, it becomes important to change the approach to project and data management across teams and construction phases. This is where solutions like Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs prove to be of great help.

In this post, let us try to understand how these two platforms are different from each other.

Autodesk Docs Vs Bim 360 Docs

While both these platforms work as centralised document management platforms and offer many of the same CDE features, BIM 360 Docs supports document management on the BIM 360 platform and Autodesk Docs does so on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

Whenever a project is created in BIM 360 Docs, the owner should buy licences to allow every user to work with the information. With the latest change, Autodesk Docs users can access projects on the BIM 360 Docs platform as well.This means the Autodesk Docs licence allows users to access projects on both platforms instead of having to purchase licences like with BIM 360 Docs. This also allows for BIM content creation right from the Autodesk platform.

Autodesk Docs Overview

Autodesk Docs is a CDE (Common Data Environment) and a centralised document management solution that works as a single point of access for all the teams across the project lifecycle. AEC teams and BIM content creation services can collaborate effectively and manage data across phases from design to construction while streamlining workflows.

Bim 360 Docs Overview

BIM 360 Docs is a cloud-based document management solution designed to let teams manage, review, publish, and approve project data on a common platform that provides unlimited storage. Continuous access to the latest information ensures that teams can minimise errors, improve decision-making, and achieve the desired results.

Is Access To Projects On Bim 360 Included In Autodesk Docs?

If you have a subscription for any of the products of the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, you can access projects on BIM 360. This means access to Autodesk Docs gives you access to projects on both BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud platforms.

Are Bim 360 Docs And Autodesk Docs Different?

Though both offerings are loaded with many similar CDE features, there are a few aspects where they differ. Autodesk Docs facilitates document management for projects on the Construction Cloud while BIM 360 Docs does it for projects on its platform. Autodesk Docs allows users to access projects on the BIM 360 platform as well as the Construction Cloud.

What Is Happening To Autodesk Docs And Bim 360 Docs?

Autodesk has announced the availability of a standalone purchase option for Autodesk Docs. This gives customers the choice to subscribe to Autodesk Docs either as a standalone product, as a part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, or through the AEC collection that facilitates BIM content creation and other important tasks for project models.  

Moreover, the BIM 360 Docs offering is rebranded as Autodesk Docs whereby access to the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform is added to the BIM 360 Docs at no additional cost.

How Will Customers Be Notified Of These Changes?

Customers will be notified of the changes through direct operational emails. The message links to a comprehensive FAQ section where people can learn more about the changes. Moreover, a press release announced the availability of a standalone purchase option for Autodesk Docs. Construction and design project owners as well as BIM content creation services will be affected by these changes.


The launch of a standalone Autodesk Docs offering means the BIM 360 Docs is no longer available for purchase. The existing BIM 360 Docs purchases are rebranded to Autodesk Docs and automatically include access to Autodesk Construction Cloud without any price change.