BIM Coordination Services Provider Company in India

BDHM’s BIM Coordination Services bring a paradigm shift in construction efficiency by leveraging data-driven expertise. We provide essential support in developing and implementing the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). Our team ensures seamless collaboration among project stakeholders, streamlining workflows, clash detection, and coordination, resulting in optimized construction processes and enhanced project outcomes.

Synchronizing Projects Seamlessly with BIM Design Coordination

As a leading BIM Coordination company in India, BDHM provides clients with  high-fidelity solutions that optimize construction projects.  Tailored for contractors, engineers, and project managers, our services ensure seamless collaboration in development and engineering projects. With clash-free federated models, we save you valuable time and costs.


  • Real Time Clash Detection
  • Clash Free Design with Better Constructability
  • Cost & Time Saving
  • Reliable & Efficient BIM Coordination
  • Single Platform Coordination
  • Good Trade Coordination

Efficient BIM Project Coordination by BDHM Consultants

BDHM Consultants empowers your projects with dynamic BIM project coordination services. Seamlessly uniting stakeholders, we propel workflows, maximize construction efficiency, and amplify project outcomes. Experience the transformative synergy of BDHM’s expertise.

BIM Clash Detection

Detecting workflow clash to save cost & time

MEP BIM Coordination

MEPF models aligned with Architectural & Structural models

MEP Coordination Drawings

Extraction of MEPF drawings for onsite construction


Integration | Workflow Set-up | Process Adoption | Project

Get the Latest Trends and Insights on MEP and BIM Modeling

The Efficient Process of BIM Coordination Services




Connecting with client & gathering info about need of BIM Coordination services




Assigning task to a team of BIM experts




Signing NDA & BIM Coordination will be started




Process reviewing to ensure accuracy



Sign Off

Corrections done if needed, then sign off

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Frequently Asked Questions

BIM coordination is the process of integrating and synchronizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) data from multiple disciplines to ensure smooth collaboration and clash-free designs. It is crucial for construction projects as it minimizes conflicts, improves communication, enhances project visualization, and reduces costly errors during the construction phase.

We employ a comprehensive approach to BIM coordination by utilizing advanced clash detection software, analyze and resolve clashes in the BIM model, and facilitate seamless communication among project stakeholders. Our experts meticulously coordinate architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) designs to optimize construction efficiency.

By leveraging BIM coordination services, clients can benefit from streamlined workflows, reduced rework, and improved project timelines. It enables better visualization of the project, enhanced clash detection, improved collaboration, and effective communication among different project teams.

Absolutely. We at BDHM Consultants specialize in handling BIM coordination for projects of varying scales, including large-scale construction ventures. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in managing complex BIM models, coordinating multidisciplinary designs, and ensuring effective collaboration among diverse project teams.

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